LUSH Picks


LUSH is one of those brands that make me feel extra pampered.  There is something special about their handmade products that make every usage an experience. All their products are handmade, vegetarian, and they use minimal packaging (which is great for the environment). Though I am fan of many of their products, here are a few of my favorite LUSH skincare picks:

Superbalm – scalp treatment: This product is amazing! I have a very dry scalp and I’m always searching for the next best thing to treat it. I’ve never used anything that is this effective.  Tried this on a whim and was beyond impressed on how well this worked. It contains coconut oil, candelilla wax, and salicylic acid to remove build up and sooth the scalp. If you have a very dry scalp and nothing seems to be working, definitely give this a try.

Tea Tree Water – toner water: I love using toner, not sure why but it makes my skin feel clean and refreshed. I’ve used many toners and this one is definitely a favorite. This toner is ideal for oily/combination skin. It contains tea tree, juniperberry, and grapefruit waters to keep skin clear and balanced.

Mask of Magnaminty – face and body mask: Whenever I feel a blemish coming on I use this mask and it really works miracles. It’s a mixture of clay, peppermint, aduki beans, vanilla, and honey.  The clay provides a deep cleanse, the peppermint gives that tingly clean sensation, the aduki beans provides mild exfoliation, the vanilla calms redness, and the honey soothes the skin. It smells a bit like toothpaste, but it really helps calm down and prevent blemishes by gently deep cleansing the skin.

Have you ever tried any LUSH products? If so, let me know which are your favorites.