Photo Diary: Vienna, Austria

Travelling has to be the thing I love the most to do, even if I don’t it often. That being said, you can imagine my excitement when the time for my fall mini Europe vacation (that I planned since June) came around. I’ve been to Europe quite a few times and even studied abroad in London for a semester while in college, so this time around I wanted to visit a couple of places that I never been to.

Since I was travelling alone, I wanted try a group travel situation just for I can have people who are as excited as I was in these new places. After tons of research I settled on Contiki. Contiki is a group travel company that caters to 18-35 year olds from around the world with the goal of exploring amazing destinations with likeminded individuals. It’s a great option for solo travelers or just someone who does not have the time to plan out every detail of a trip. It was my first time doing a Contiki trip and it was great, better than I had imagined two thumbs up from me.

This was a rather short and very enjoyable vacation. The Contiki trip was a few days in Vienna, Austria with a pit stop in Bratislava, Slovakia and ended with a few days in Budapest, Hungary. After the Contiki trip I spent a few days in London, UK (which is my favorite city in the world). In the next few days I will share my photo diaries of each place, be prepared for many photos of buildings, but I hope you enjoy them!

Vienna, Austria

This place has been at the top of my travel list for while. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this city and it did not disappoint. As with any new place I spent a lot of time site seeing/getting lost and it was all absolutely wonderful. A few places that stood out to me were: 1. The Natural History Museum - It was huge had a great assortment of exhibits. Not to mention the structure is beautiful inside and out, the stairs and ceiling inside were like something out of castle. 2. St. Stephen’s Cathedral – The attention to detail in this place is beyond amazing, everything from the pillars to floor is a work of art. 3. Schonbrunn Palace - On our last night we had a very classy dinner here and watched a performance which consisted of a symphony and opera performers. The property itself is massive, there are so many different areas to it and even though we went at night it the palace was beautifully lit up.  

The two things Vienna is known for aside from classical music are Viennese apple strudels and schnapps. I’m not a big fan of apple deserts but everyone else in the group seemed to love them and ate quite a few during our stay in Vienna. The schnapps on the other hard were quite interesting and tasty. We went to a schnapps museum in where we learned the history and process of this drink and it ended with a tasting (which turned into a bit of party). They had amazing flavors and many bottles were purchased by our group haha.

One thing I did notice was that the streets were so empty, like there were literally no people on the streets. The only time I actually saw people that were no in their cars driving was in the shopping square, other than that it was rare to see someone just a casually walking. It might have also been because I visited during the week and not a weekend, who know, being from NYC I found it really odd.

 Below are a few snapshots of my days in Vienna:



Next stop is Budapest, Hungary!