Photo Diary: Budapest, Hungary

The second stop on my mini European vacation was Budapest, Hungary; this was also the last stop of the Contiki trip. (While on our drive to Budapest we did do a quick stop in Bratislava, Slovakia which mainly consisted of lunch; I will insert the couple of pictures I have in this post.) Budapest was beyond beautiful and I honestly learned so much. For starters Budapest is pronounced bu-dah-pesht, interesting right! The entire time while on the trip I thought our Contiki tour manager was pronouncing it that way because of his accent, but it turns out that is the correct pronunciation. Budapest is essentially divided into two sides Buda and Pest with the Danube River separating the two. It’s pretty easy to tell each side apart, Buda has hills and Pest is completely flat. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Budapest, from the panoramic views of the city to the historic monuments it was all breathtaking. The tour group also had a few great nights here, one being a ruinpub that are fairly popular here. The pub itself was very rustic and had this great care free atmosphere. After our pub outing a group of us decided to grab a late night bite at this pizza place and it was just heavenly. The pizza slices had thin crusts, light sauce, a lot of cheese and toppings with a hint of spice – just delicious. I still have dreams about that pizza…

My favorite part of the trip had to be the dinner cruise we did along the Danube River. It was so amazing to get to see all the beautiful structures light up at night and enjoy traditional dishes such as goulash (I was obsessed over, it’s like a stew). It was the last night on the Contiki tour so we all made sure to have the best time and give our bittersweet good-byes to each other as we all prepared to head our own ways.  

Enjoy a look into my pit-stop in Bratislava, Slovakia and adventures in Budapest:

First a pit-stop in Bratislava, Slovakia:



 Contiki group photo

Contiki group photo

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