Photo Diary: London

London holds a very special place in my heart; it’s where I discovered the beauty in traveling solo. While in college, in 2011, I studied abroad a semester here and fell completely in love with the city. I never thought I would be able to live in another city until I spent five months in London and enjoyed every minute of it. I studied abroad with my college roommates and though it was nice to have people I knew with me, I also quickly learned that if I wanted to see places and do things I had to take the initiative even if it meant exploring on my own. As a result I found myself going on mini adventures and appreciating the time spent wondering (mostly getting lost) along the streets of London. I found these scenic walks to be the most valuable to me personally during my stay in London while in college, so it was only fitting to make a quick stop before I headed back home.

I was in London only a few days, but they were a great few days. It was pouring rain the whole time, but that did not stop me from spending my days admiring the beautiful city. The holiday decorations had already started getting displayed which made the city look even more spectacular (especially at night). One place I made sure to visit was Kensington Palace. It was the first time it was fully open in a few years, it had been under construction for quite a while. The Kensington Palace grounds are absolutely beautiful and looked just how they did when I was last there. The museum itself was really good, it’s always nice to feel like you’re stepping back in time. The best was not a display or even a historic piece, it was the wall paper on the wall in the hallway on the way to the restrooms. I know crazy but it was such detailed, modern, girly wallpaper it was right up my alley.

One really cool thing that happened while I was there was Guy Fawks Day. I think the reason why I found the event so intriguing was because so many major streets were closed and all you can see if a sea of people and when the event was over it was all just empty street. There were fireworks, bong fires, masks and everyone seem to be really enjoying it. I do not know the history behind this day, but it was nice to experience it.

Here’s a look into my days in London:

 The amazing wall paper I was  obsessed  with inside Kensington Palace

The amazing wall paper I was obsessed with inside Kensington Palace

Hope you enjoyed a look into my mini European Vacation (see Vienna HERE, see Budapest HERE). Be sure to let me know where are your next traveling destinations are!