IMATS 2015

This past weekend IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) took place in NYC and being that I purchased tickets back in January, I was ecstatic that the date had finally arrived. Though I’m not a makeup artist, there are many makeup deals and special prices that are exclusive to the trade show. There is also the advantage of viewing products that are only sold online in person. It was my first year attending the trade show and I was not sure what to expect, but excited to get some beauty shopping done. Here is what I picked up at IMATS:


Bdellium Tools - This was my first stop, I actually never heard of this brand but their display was really nice and neat. I picked up two brushes, 783 and 942.

A Lady Moss - The line for this was deceivingly short, it did not seem long but I waited for thirty minutes. Everyone on line was raving about their lashes and I decided to try few of them. I only wear individual lashes on special occasions (mainly because I'm horrible at applying them), but I decided to pick up a couple of strip lashes as well. I picked up the strip lashes in #747S and #S2. They also had L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealers which I've been wanting to try; I picked up the shades Medium Beige and Cool Tan.


Bioderma - I literally almost screamed when I saw this booth. I LOVE Bioderma it's an amazing cleasing water. It's difficult to find in the US so when I saw this I made sure to stock up. Aside from getting two bottles of the Sensibio H2O formula, I also decided to try the formula for oily skin Sebium H2O (which I've never seen before). This literally made all the waiting in lines worth it!

Sigma - I'm a huge fan of sigma brushes, they are pretty good quality and affordable, so I made sure to pick up a few. Though the line was ling (40 minute wait) I could not pass on the 30% off special. I picked up a few eye brushes - E35, E25, and E38. They also had a gift with purchase which included blush samples, a mini lipgloss, and a travel sized E70 brush (which I forgot to photograph).


Dose of Colors - This booth was a bit disappointing, they didn't have large selection of colors. I picked up a lipstick in the color 'Poise'.


Model in a Bottle - When I first started watching YouTube beauty gurus, this was a product that many of them raved about. Essentially it's a setting spray that makes your make up last longer. I'm already a huge fan of the Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray, but thought I would give this a try. I've already used this product a few times and can say it is not my favorite. I find the chemical like smell to be strong and it sprays quite a strong mist that leaves water like marks on your face.


Beautyblender - These sponges are one of my favorite tools and are a part of my daily makeup routine. This pack that contained three full size, one micro mini, and a travel size solid cleanser which was perfect.


Morphe Brushes - This was actually the last booth I visited, I had been avoiding the ridiculously long line (1.5 hour wait) all day. I don't own any of their brushes, but I heard (and I can tell by the line) that they have good quality brushes for their price range. I picked up B79, M155, S7, MB11, and M433.

Overall it was a good trade show with great products (and opportunities if you're a makeup artist), I look forward to attending next year's IMATS.

Let me know if you have attended any IMATS events and if so, at which location.