Sunshine & Palm Trees on the West Coast

Los Angeles, California

I really enjoy Los Angeles; I always feel relaxed and an overall sense of calm when I visit. I’m not sure if it’s the amazing weather or the vibrant energy, but I just love visiting this city. I had a chance to spend a few days here last month and since I did not have much planned it gave me time to really explore the different areas of LA.

Started off my visit stopping by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and enjoyed some great art and exhibitions. Of course took a million photos by the Urban Lights exhibit and took in the view of the Hollywood Hills from the third floor on one of the main buildings. I continued exploring throughout the days spending time in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood.

The Airbnb I rented was walking distance from The Farmers Market which meant a lot of food was consumed haha. It was great to try out the different food stands and check out a few local products. Though there are many healthy food options my daily breakfast of choice included a delicious glazed donut and mocha blended iced coffee from Bob’s Coffee & Doughnuts – they honestly have the best donuts! And The Grove at night had the most wonderful holiday lights display filled with a water fountain show and fake snow (yes – fake snow), they definitely did not hold back on the decorations.

Overall it was a great trip and a needed break from the New York City weather, can't wait to return soon! Be sure to let me know if you ever had a chance to visit Los Angeles (or if that's the place you call home) in the comments below.