Five Youtubers to Watch

My senior year in college I lived on my own and being that it was the first time without roommates, I often found myself bored and that’s pretty much how I discovered the world of YouTube. I’ve always been really into beauty and fashion so that’s what I looked into and found all these people classified as “beauty gurus” that shared the same passion for beauty/fashion and was immediately hooked. The first person that I subscribed to was Ingrid Nilsen (who was missglamorazzi back then), since then I’ve subscribed to over fifty channels and broadened my horizons to daily vloggers, travelers, and pranksters. Here are my favorite YouTube channel picks:

Tanya Burr: Tanya is a delight to watch, she has a naturally bubbly personality and is always excited about the content she is putting out. Her videos mainly consist of makeup tutorials, get ready with me walk throughs, favorites, and a few baking videos mixed in. She’s very knowledgeable when it comes to makeup and you can tell she’s very passionate about what she does. She also has a book titled “Love, Tanya” where she shares insight into her life and tips on fashion, beauty, friendship, and much more. She also has a blog where she posts additional content that I also enjoy reading.

Fleur DeForce: I find Fleur to be one of the most relatable YouTubers I watch. I love all her recommendations whether it is for beauty or fashion and I truly enjoy all her videos as well as her blog. She has a wayof describing things that allow me to understand what she is trying communicate to her audience. She also knows a lot about both fashion and beauty and you can also get a sense of how much of an understanding she has it in her book “The Glam Guide”. Her second channel is also great, she daily vlogs from time to time.

Ingrid Nilsen: Ingrid was the first YouTuber I subscribed to, I just really enjoy watching her videos. She has a bit of a quirky personality and aside from tackling the normal “beauty guru” type videos she also explores issues that concern her community and age demographic. I also like that her makeup method and mine a very similar, we pretty much apply/use many of the same products. Ingrid also has a second channel where she used to do a daily vlogs, and now posts shorter more personal videos.

Ben Brown: If you want to see visually appealing videos and feel like you’re actually the one travelling as well, Ben is the person to watch. He’s constantly travelling and exploring new places while documenting everything beautifully. He really understands the inner workings of camera equipment and captures everything at incredible angles all while truly enjoying himself. I often find myself adding more places to visit to my bucket list after watching his videos. Ben is also a daily vlogger which means you constantly have new content to watch.

Joe Sugg (aka ThatcherJoe): I stumbled upon Joe while watching his sister Zoe (who is a beauty guru and also one of my favorites) and am very glad I did. He does a ton of prank videos and very light hearted content that is funny and entertaining. Joe also daily vlogs from time to time on his second channel which also include many LOL worthy content.

Till this day (four years later) watching YouTube videos is one of my favorite pastimes. The vlogging community is constantly growing and it’s interesting to see how their careers continue to develop. Hope you found a few new YouTubers to watch and be sure to let me know what are some of your favorite vloggers.