A Few Hours in Toledo, Spain

On my recent trip to Spain I got a chance to spend a few hours in the city of Toledo. Known for its religious history and fortress filed skyline, Toledo was the perfect city for a quick day trip. I was not sure what to expect since it was a spur of the moment trip and did not do much research before hopping on an hour bus ride from Madrid.

The travel time was much less than I expected and before we knew it we were walking up steep hills to get to the main town square - Plaza de Zocodover. The views on our walk were amazing; you could see all the small houses in that similar tan color with terracotta colored rooftops. Since we were there for only a few hours we mainly took in the scenery around us and did quite a bit of walking. Plaza de Zocodover has a touristy feel, but once you start walking through the streets you notice how quiet and serene Toledo actually is. My favorite place was this small park we found by the town square with a terrace-type area that had amazing views. My sister was brave and zip-lined across the longest urban zip-line in Europe which is located over the Tagus River, near San Martin Bridge. We got lost a few times (my Google maps kept getting confused as to where we were), but the locals were so polite and helpful with providing directions which is always a plus when locals are welcoming to outsiders.

My sister and I truly enjoyed exploring the streets of Toledo and learning about its diverse history. I hope to return one day and spend more time these, but for now here are a few hours in Toledo: