A Few Hours in Brighton

Brighton is one of those places that I’ve been wanting to visit but never really had the time, so when I finally made it there on my recent trip to London I was beyond excited to explore. Though it was pretty cold and windy, it was a beautiful sunny day and Brighton did not disappoint. I started by walking straight to from the train station to the sea. On the walk over I couldn’t help but notice how much it felt like a sea town. It was much calmer than London, people were just strolling along and enjoying their surroundings.

On my way to beach I kept stopping to admire the brownstone like houses that were all in a hue of yellow. Everything looked absolutely picture perfect. After spending sometime exploring the beach area I headed towards The Lanes to do a bit of shopping and I will say there were some of the cutest boutiques and small shops that I have ever seen. After spending time getting lost through The Lanes and eating at every pastry shop along the way, I made my way to the Royal Pavilion. Like most museums/castles/royal anything type place photos inside were not allowed, but trust me it was gorgeous. The exterior architecture is stunning and indoors is just as detailed and thoughtfully decorated.

I made a note to catch the sunset by the beach and it was truly a stunning sunset (and made for a million great photos). I also made it down to the infamous Hove Beach Huts which was very exciting to finally get to see them in person! Just an amazing way to end a short day trip to Brighton.

I will definitely return to Brighton next time I’m in London (and recommend that you do too if you’re in the area) and even stay for a few days, but maybe when it’s a bit warmer and I can take photos without freezing haha. Here a few snapshots from my short visit, enjoy!