Festival Backpack Essentials

This year I attended Coachella and it was beyond amazing (read all about it here)! While at the festival I noticed people carry around different things, some more than others, and thought I would share my essentials. There are people that bring everything they might need in any given situation (I’m looking at you Steph), but my aim is to include all things I know I will use and not over pack - cause who wants to be weighted down when dancing their heart out?! So here’s a list of my essentials:

Backpack - For me something practical, lightweight, and small is essential. I love this Zara metallic light blue backpack; the great thing about this is the sides are expandable, just incase you need a little more room. This was useful when I decided to stock up on a couple of Coachella t-shirts, everything fit perfectly. Plus it’s super cute!

Baby wipes - Face wipes or hand wipes will work just as well, just a moist towelette that can be used to remove any unwanted dirt from anywhere. With sand and dirt flying everywhere this came in really handy.

Wallet - No explanation needed here (though if interested my wallet is from Kate Spade - similar here).

External charger - Now this is a true life saver cause your phone WILL die and outlets/charging stations are very few and far in between. I suggest getting an external charger that has the ability to do more than one charge. Also, don’t forget to charge it - trust me you will be kicking yourself if you do.

Poncho - In most festivals umbrellas are not allowed, but if it rains you want to be prepared. They sell these anywhere for a couple of dollars. I found this pink one on Boohoo. Sidenote: This was not necessary for Coachella since there was zero percent chance of rain, but now come to think about it you can use it to sit on the grass at night since the grass can get a bit moist!

Bandana - This was absolutely necessary at Coachella the amount of sand/dust flying around was crazy and my throat/nasal passages started to be affected by day 2 of the festival. At first I thought it was a stylish fashion accessory, but soon learned it’s definitely needed. (Big thank you to my bestie for packing extras cause if not my lungs would have been all sand and dust).

Sunglasses - With the sun shinning so bright you have to keep your eyes protected. I went for a Forever21 pair (similar here) that I wouldn’t mind loosing, but were also super cute. 

Toiler paper/tissues - If you would like to have tissue when using the restroom I suggest for you bring your own, especially if there are mainly porter potties available.

First aid tape - Just incase you start to get any blisters or your shoes start rubbing you the wrong way. 

Fragrance - To help freshen up incase you or anyone else needs it. This is a sample Versace Bright Crystal roller ball.

Lotion - I personally hate having dry hands so I bring hand lotion with me everywhere. This is the EOS hand lotion in the cucumber scent.

Blotting sheets - Anyone with oily skin will tell you blotting sheets are a staple in any oily situation. They remove the oils from your face without disturbing your makeup, great for when you rather be dancing all day than touching up your makeup.

Sunscreen - I cannot stress enough the importance of protecting your skin, just wear sunscreen your skin will thank you. Since most festivals don’t allow aerosols I took this Aveeno Protect + Hydrate SPF 70 sunscreen which to be honest I didn’t love (it was hard to blend and the product kept separating in the bottle, but that might have been the extreme heat), it did get the job done. Three days in pure 90 degree sunshine and no one got burned, that’s a win in my book.

Eyedrops - I wear contacts, so I carry these with me everywhere. They are essential whenever my eyes start to feel dry or when dust is flying around.

Lip balm - Any lip balm with sunscreen will work, don’t forget to protect your lips! This one is the Banana Boat Aloe Vera Sunscreen Lip Balm with SPF 45.

Hand sanitizer - Last but by no means least, hand sanitizer - VERY necessary. 

Be sure to let me know any other essentials you would include in the comments below. Enjoy festival season!